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Lynn Felker - Owner of Felker Motorsports, Hitches & Welding

Lynn Felker

Lynn took over the business upon his father's retirement. He is our #1 mechanic and a Ski-Doo specialist. He raced sleds for 28 years, winning or placing in the top 3 the majority of races he entered. In 2008, in Casper, WY, he won the season's final race for the Colorado Circuit in the Pro Class at age 50! Lynn takes pride in developing clutching and motor modifications for each year's new models that give them optimum performance above 8,000 feet elevation, where he and most of his customers ride.

Lynn is also an expert welder, working at the craft for 40 years. He can work with various metals and has designed and created pieces from the practical to the whimsical.

Our Team

Steve Verhow - Felker Motorsports, Hitches & Welding

Steve Verhow

Hitches, Welding, Wiring, and ATV Service
Lynn's cousin, Steve, has installed and wired hitches for over 21 years and can troubleshoot and fix a wiring problem in no time. Steve is also an expert welder, helping with repairs and custom hitches. He's worked with Lynn for over 15 years as a valued business and family member. Steve used to race snowmobiles and four wheelers and has a great passion for the outdoors and family.

Lyn Felker, Felker Motorsports, Hitch & Welding

Lyn Felker

Office Manager, PAC Specialist
Lyn is Lynn's wife, better known as "Miss Lyn." Lyn is our office manager, answering the phones, covering the parts counter, handling all manner of questions and requests, and helping to keep the business running smoothly. She's been keeping order since 2001. Prior to working at Felker's she sold hitches, trailer parts and accessories for several years.
She can answer or get the answer to almost any question concerning your trailer needs, find you a hitch, or locate the towing product you need.

William Mace

Office/Service Mechanic
William is our all arounder. You can catch him installing hitches, working on sleds, or in sales upfront. He has been riding as well as working out of the shop for 8 years. He is a passionate, genuine addition to our team, and looks forward to helping you solve your hitch issue and/or making your sled dreams come true!

Our History

The Felker family moved to Colorado in the early 1970s and got involved in a winter sport popular in Colorado and Wyoming: snowmobiling. They met (and continue to meet) a lot of new people along the way, many who would become life-long friends.

Lynn Felker - snow crossLynn's passion for racing started when he was still a little guy. (Yes, Lynn was actually little once.) His competitiveness drove him to work on his first snowmobile in order to out-race his brothers. He would work on his sled for hours, learning to tweak top speeds out of his machine. Pretty soon he was the one to beat!

Lynn Felker started racing in the late 1970s. Back then, the sleds they were racing weren't much more than a motor and a buck board.

Over the years, Lynn's competitiveness and ingenuity had him learning as much as he could about the Rotax engines in the Ski-Doo machines and how to get them to perform better and better. These days, it's not often you find a racer or a mechanic that has worked on and ridden sleds like the 340 TNT, 87' 462MX, Formula Plus, or the old Mach 1 and Mach Zs as Lynn has.

Lynn Felker - drag racing snowmobilesLynn has participated in more than 250 races all across the country including cross country, ice ovals, drags, snow cross, and hill climb, in addition to the I-5000 and the Grand 500. He was consistently in the top 3 placings and, more often, he was the first to cross the finish line. He even participated in the winter X-Games!

His sleds were the fastest on the track. He was the iron man of his day and still has the skill and stamina today to make the young men envious.

In addition to preparing for his own races, he has worked on sleds for many Ski-Doo factory riders. Today, he focuses on getting the best performance for mountain riding.

Aerocharger powerLynn started using the Aerocharger E-TEC Turbo System for Ski-Doo snowmobiles in 2011 and continues to perfect the performance in each sled that leaves his shop. He has over 80 happy customers with turbo'd sleds that excel in deep powder, drag races, and hill climbs.

He continues to make the trip to Jackson Hole each year for the hill climb event to test/tune for Aerocharger and the sleds his son, Calvin, rides. He's often seen helping other racers who know his capability and reputation. He'll maximize the sled's performance capability, then it's up to the rider to take it to the top.

Drag racers, Dave Kuhn, Tim Plate, and Chad Buck have Lynn to thank for helping them perfect drag sleds that regularly beat the competition. This is serious business and safety is always a very big issue and concern.

Lynn Felker - snowmobile racingWhen you need that extreme ride come see Lynn. He can tweek any Ski-Doo and make it a little better, regardless of your style of riding.

Lynn's 30 years of experience, knowledge, and innovation are hard to beat. "The Factory" will often seek his opinion on issues and ideas. Personally, we think he's candidate material for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

This sport has been a family affair for us, including new friends every year because everyone knows:

If You Want to Win, See Lynn!

Lynn Felker with group of snowmobilers

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